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This is an BCH automatic payment with WebMinePool service. Any error or you dont received payout? Maybe You can try our BCH Automatic payment with CoinHive service.

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Global Hash Power Calculation

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Accepted Hash : 0 Hashes

Recent Payouts

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15aQo1z5BGkhSepA68N1GeJ6RPVxQXa9CG1 satoshi
15aQo1z5BGkhSepA68N1GeJ6RPVxQXa9CG2 satoshi
15aQo1z5BGkhSepA68N1GeJ6RPVxQXa9CG1 satoshi
15aQo1z5BGkhSepA68N1GeJ6RPVxQXa9CG1 satoshi
15aQo1z5BGkhSepA68N1GeJ6RPVxQXa9CG1 satoshi
15aQo1z5BGkhSepA68N1GeJ6RPVxQXa9CG2 satoshi
15aQo1z5BGkhSepA68N1GeJ6RPVxQXa9CG3 satoshi
15aQo1z5BGkhSepA68N1GeJ6RPVxQXa9CG1 satoshi
15aQo1z5BGkhSepA68N1GeJ6RPVxQXa9CG3 satoshi
15aQo1z5BGkhSepA68N1GeJ6RPVxQXa9CG1 satoshi
If you dont have Faucethub account you must register here. If you dont have a wallet address for this BCH coin and want to complete your wallet address on Faucethub register here to get free wallet address.

Special Mining Purpose

No ads, No PopUp, No PopUnder, No Banner. This page dedicated to coin mining. To get started just input your BCH Faucethub wallet address press the enable button then start button and watch your satoshi rise. Your balance will send automatically. Maybe you should disable anti virus or adblock. Work on mobile device but maybe will drain your battery. We suggest setting the Thread and Speed setting to ensure that your CPU does not overheat. You can use more than one computer to speed up the mining process.

Coin Market Cap

Alt CoinBTC Rate
1 BCH 2,509,718 satoshi
1 BLK 1,616 satoshi
1 BTX 9,638 satoshi
1 DASH 1,941,158 satoshi
1 DGB 257 satoshi
1 DOGE 65 satoshi
1 ETH 2,627,558 satoshi
1 LTC 788,534 satoshi
1 POT 358 satoshi
1 PPC 14,679 satoshi
1 XMR 1,209,987 satoshi
1 XPM 4,617 satoshi
1 ZEC 1,583,059 satoshi

We suggest setting the Thread and Speed setting to ensure that your CPU does not overheat. We are not responsible for any hardware damage that can be caused by using your CPU for mining and having it overheat. You have been warned.

Best Fast Level Up

DOGE is one of the coins recommended for mining, your experience in the faucethub will increase and your level will rise quickly for 24 hours mining. You can leave this page open and check your FaucetHub level will auto rise.
Other recommended coin mining for low CPU or mobile device: DGB, POT, BLK, XPM, BTX, PPC.
Mining these coins can improve the experience points faster because you will receive payments several times in 1 minute.

How does this work?

Using the power of your machine's CPU and your web-browser, you can mine BCH Coin! In the background we are using your hashing power to mine Monero (XMR), and pay you directly in BCH coin. This is all possible due to WebMinePool and their Javascript mining technology.

Due to this, your estimated satoshi earnings may go up or down due to fluctuations in the following things:

  • Changes in the block difficulty for Monero (XMR)
  • Changes in the XMR/BCH rates

Satoshi will accumulate in your pending balance, and will be paid automatically to your FaucetHub account after reaching your auto payout setting.

For all User Auto mining faucet on my site. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thx to report a bug to me. Maintenance has finished. Our site back online now, Now you can use Auto Mining faucet again. You can check your coin address and balance will be transfer automatically ASAP.

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